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Empowering your business to maximise the incredible benefits of the internet


In today’s digital age, where people are increasingly using the internet to discover products and services, our online marketing services offer you ways to showcase your brand to our wonderful community, helping you flourish in the digital world.

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google my business profile

Let your business shine when people search for your products and services on Google Search and Google Maps.

  • Set up and optimise your Google my Business Profile

  • Manage your Google my Business Profile

  • Update and optimise your existing Google my Business Profile
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social media accounts

Capture the attention of a wider audience on social media with captivating visuals and creative content.

  • Set up Facebook Business page

  • Create Instagram Business account
  • Design and craft engaging social media content and posts

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Elevate your brand by connecting with new customers through social media and Google Ads campaigns, and inspiring them to take action.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

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website building

Build trust with your clients by showcasing a professional website filled with engaging SEO-optimised content, stunning images, and captivating call-to-action.

  • Design  responsive websites

  • Create landing pages

  • Craft compelling website content


Cultivate lasting relationships with your new and existing clients through emails about your company’s latest news, products or services, and specials.

  • Craft warm and friendly Acquisition and Welcome emails for new and potential clients

  • Compose informative Newsletter emails

  • Write catchy Promotional emails
A hand writing ideas on top of lots of papers which are weighed down by a smartphone, and a box of coloured pens in the corner.

design marketing materials

Share your business with the community by creating captivating promotional materials in either printed or digital formats.

  • Design Flyers / Pamphlets / Brochures

  • Create Business cards or Invitation cards
  • Produce Display rack cards
  • Design E-book covers


Hi, I'm Erikka!

Having called Rolleston and Lincoln home for the past four years, I’ve grown to love the vibrant community we share. Now, I want to contribute to it by offering my digital marketing services to our amazing local businesses, startups, and solopreneurs like yours. 

My passion for all things creative runs deep, and I bring that dedication to every project. I not only meet deadlines but ensure the end result is professional and polished. As a local business, startup, and solopreneur myself, I understand the challenges you face, and together, we can overcome them.

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